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Are you stuck in a chicken-nugget, plain-pasta, or hot-dog rut with your kids?  Do you wish they would at least try some of the healthier food you put in front of them?  Meal Makeover Moms to the rescue!

After surveying nearly 600 moms who identified “picky eaters who whine and complain” as the number one obstacle to getting their children to eat healthy, well-balanced meals, this mom-dietitian duo went into action.  After the publication of their first cookbook, The Moms’ Guide to Meal Makeover and the launch of their website,, Liz Weiss and Janice Bissex established themselves as two of the nation’s leading experts on family nutrition.  With their recently published second book, No Whine with Dinner, the Mealtime Moms have more ideas and great recipes to share than ever before.

Listen to the podcast from our Jan 17 fitsmiForMoms Radio show with Liz and Janice, the Meal Makeover Moms! 



Posted on Jan 12, 2012
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