Kelly Lester is an actress, singer, creator and CEO of, and host of the new musical web series "Let's Do Lunch!", in which she sings, dances, and packs lunch with celebrity guests. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, actor Loren Lester, three daughters, and their dog Albany.

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10 Easy Lunch Box Ideas for Teens on the Go
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Girls need to eat!

I’m a mom of 3 girls (11, 13, and 18), and as someone who’s struggled with food issues, I’ve finally learned that what keeps those food demons in check is a consistent, healthy eating style. The days when I eat whole, fresh foods with little sugar and additives are the days I find it (amazingly!) easy to resist foods that I know aren’t good for me.

I’ve found that it’s not enough to muster up super ‘willpower’ to keep me from grabbing unhealthy foods, I had to really revamp my daily eating habits to lower, or even remove, the physical cravings for the hands-off foods. The less I eat of them, the less I crave them.

Kelly Lester's 3 daughtersBut hey, I still love to eat! My girls do too, and in fact, they’re the reason I started my company, Fed up with the unhealthy menu choices at their schools, I was looking for a faster, greener way to pack their lunches.

Planning Ahead is the key

So now, using my containers and cooler bags, I’m able to send them to school with a great meal that I know is good for them. A bonus is their built-in portion control, so it’s easy to pack just the right amount of food. We also use EasyLunchboxes for road trips, family outings, and after school activities, instead of relying on fast food or pre-packaged snacks that may be provided by others.

Here are 10 simple lunch and snack ideas from some of my favorite healthy recipe sources to get you started:

By getting in the habit of preparing your meals in advance, you can be sure that your day’s eating will be balanced and wholesome.


Fitsmi for Mom’s Dish It Up section has many more healthy recipes to try.  And for creative snack ideas, check out Seven Spring Snacks for Healthy Kids and Ten After School Snacks (You Might Not Have Thought Of).

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Posted on Apr 27, 2011
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